The Best Supplement Quality Is Defined
by Purity, Safety, Clinically Proven Efficacy

One Company Stands Alone as The Industry Leader

The best dietary supplement quality is found only if a product is tested as pure, safe and proven effective through clinical studies.  Unfortunately, such parameters rule out nearly the entire dietary supplement industry.  One company stands alone with test standards for impurities that are three times greater than those recommended by the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) and which conducts trials to prove the safety and efficacy of its nutritional lineup.  

Dietary supplements come in a variety of forms: traditional tablets, capsules, and powders, as well as drinks and energy bars. Some popular supplements taken for arthritis symptoms include glucosamine, the herbs boswellia and safflower, and omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil).  

The majority of adults in the United States take one or more dietary supplements either every day or occasionally, including vitamins, minerals, herbals and botanicals, amino acids, enzymes, and many other products, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 

Scientific evidence shows that some dietary supplements are beneficial for overall health and for managing some health conditions. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not determine whether dietary supplements are effective before they are marketed.1

Dietary supplements are classified by the FDA as foods, not as drugs. They are not regulated as stringently as drugs.  Some differences comparing supplements to pharmaceuticals include:

  • No clinical studies are required prior to marketing a dietary supplement
  • No proof of efficacy is required to corroborate supplement quality
  • No standardized testing methods are required, nor is the type of testing equipment mandated
  • Supplement manufacturers are only required to perform "at least one test"
  • FDA does not approve supplements prior to marketing
  • FDA does not even see the supplement product
  • FDA is primarily responsible for investigating adverse health events AFTER consumer complaints
  • The current regulatory system leaves it up to the manufacturers to adhere to supplement quality guidelines

Some industry critics argue that If a product has no proof that it works, what trust is it for the consumer?1A The supplement industry is a 'buyer beware' market.  Consumers are warned to be vigilant on their own as Big Brother does not take care of them.  Supplement quality is an elusive commodity.  It varies widely in an industry that critics say is virtually unregulated and leaves manufacturers on the "honor system".

Explosive industry growth contributes to lack of supplement quality

The sheer size of the dietary supplement industry places a tremendous burden on regulators.  U.S. consumers spend more than $36 billion a year on more than 85,000 different combinations of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, amino acids, probiotics, protein powders and other supplement ingredients. 2,3 

An estimated 15,000 manufacturers produce unique products for 200 million users in the United States, according to the interim FDA Commission, Dr. Stephen Ostroff in 2016. The vast majority of these companies are classified by the FDA as "very small" (having less than 20 employees), which makes identifying supplement quality even more difficult. . "With a mushrooming internet enterprise, the FDA's job is even tougher", Dr. Ostroff said. He added that under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994, the FDA does not have the authority to approve dietary supplements before they are marketed to consumers.4 

Most consumers are unaware that the FDA does not approve dietary supplements prior to marketing.5  Such lack of oversight surely can affect supplement quality, and not in a positive manner..

“I do think it’s very a important thing to be able to point out to the customer that there is essentially no pre-market review that’s done at the FDA before these products go on the market,” said Dr. Ostroff, in an interview for the Frontline documentary Supplements and Safety.6

If you owned a very small dietary supplement company and were not required to prove the effectiveness of your product, what would you do? Would you go to the added expense of clinically testing your product's effectiveness if it's not required? Typically, the answer is "no".

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the root of the industry's problem. That's why supplement quality varies widely.  That's why you have no reasonable assurance you're getting what you paid for with finished products for sale in the marketplace.  

Twenty reasons why one company produces the best supplement quality

One company, the Shaklee Corporation of Pleasanton, California, stands alone in the nutritional supplement industry.  Their manufacturing protocols more closely mimic those of a pharmaceutical company than a dietary supplement maker.  Shaklee has established a reputation for developing unique, superior health products which are safe, pure and effective.  They offer a vast product portfolio of more than 100 products across nutrition, joint and other pain relief, weight, personal care (beauty) and household green cleaner categories.    

The following twenty reasons capture why the Shaklee Corporation produces the best supplement quality.

  1. The company is well established. Shaklee has been in business since 1956 while helping millions of people live healthier, younger and more fulfilled lives. They have been creating innovative solutions to enhance the lives of their consumers for over 60 years.  And they can prove it through clinical trials.. ..
  2. 20-year breakthrough study -  Based on blood samples and other parameters, consumers who  took multiple Shaklee nutritional supplements for 20 years or more had double-digit better biomarkers of heart, brain, and cognitive health as well as healthier levels of many chronic disease-related biomarkers including HDL cholesterol, homocysteine, and C-reactive protein when compared to non supplement users, or a non-Shaklee multivitamin user. The cross-sectional study was named Usage patterns, health, and nutritional status of long-term multiple dietary supplement users.   See 
  3. 5-year Telomere StudyTelomeres are the end caps that protect chromosomes. The length of telomeres is thought to be a reflection of physiological age (and not chronological age) and biomarker of overall health status. This study was designed to explore the effects of Shaklee nutritional supplement users on telomere length. Long-term users(over five years), had increased telomere length (11.2 %) when compared to controls who were not supplementing. The cross-sectional study was named Analysis of Telomere Length in People 33-80 Years of Age: Effects of Dietary Supplementation. 
  4. A well-trained development team - At Shaklee, innovation and science are at the heart of everything they do.  The Forrest C. Shaklee Innovation Center is home to the Shaklee Research and Development Team of more than 50 scientists, which develops, tests, and delivers new product innovations with state-of-the-art scientific equipment.  Nutritional research, ingredient development, product/process development, quality assurance and quality control take place here. Products within the company's portfolio undergo testing to ensure they meet and surpass the highest industry standards of product purity, safety, and effectiveness to ensure meaningful benefits to its consumers 7
  5. Product development - Shaklee starts product development by looking for natural solutions to specific health challenges. Their scientists are charged with making product ingredient decisions using safety as the #1 concern.   They never jump into the market with a fad product.  They do their homework.  They allow a concept to die on the drawing board rather than force a competitive product into the marketplace without scientific proof through studies that the formulation works. Their new product development may take two to five years before its added to their lineup.  This is unheard of anywhere else in the supplement industry where six weeks to three months is standard.
  6. High quality ingredients -  Their scientists locate and secure the purest natural raw materials, or they will develop a non-toxic way to purify the ingredients that are available. They scientifically prove their value in the lab and later in clinical studies to ensure the best supplement quality.  
  7. Beyond organic - Their quality standards go beyond how and where an ingredient is grown. They work with the finest suppliers and go above and beyond to confirm the purity and potency of ingredients AFTER harvest to guarantee that the final finished product is free of hundreds of chemical contaminants.  When Shaklee contracts with an organic farmer, they send their own scientists to test the soil, as well as the leaves, stems and root structures of the plants they grow to determine whether they have been exposed to any type of environmental contaminants.  
  8. A complete testing processShaklee utilizes advanced testing techniques, equipment, and analytical tools  to guarantee that the ingredients and final products contain what they claim and are pure and free from contaminants.  "Historically, Shaklee has been a leader in the development of testing methodologies.  In fact, many of our testing technologies are being used by the industry after having been developed by Shaklee," said Emanual Fakoukakis, Chief Innovation Officer for Shaklee Corporation.  "In addition, we are invested in discovering nutritional trends and technologies through what we call 'open innovation', a unique strategy of Shaklee, where we partner with renowned PhD scientists and university programs to identify key trends and ingredients with long-lasting benefits."
  9. Consistency in formulation  -  Shaklee has an in-house team of PhD's and other scientists who set the specifications for their ingredients and finished products.  They have a Quality Assurance Department which then ensures those specifications are followed.
  10. Clinical studies and other research-backed benefits  -   It's one thing to say products are good, but it's another to prove they are effective.  Shaklee has been committed to science since its inception with a philosophy to understand human health through scientific studies.. They collaborate with leading academic labs that are encouraged to publish its findings.  This is important.  It means the academics control publication of the results, not Shaklee.  Shaklee has now published over 135 scientific papers and presentations, 100 of which are double blind, placebo controlled clinical studies published in peer-reviewed publications.  These numbers overwhelm the nutritional supplement industry in which Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S..
  11. Safety you can trustThey regularly test for more than 386 different substances that might contaminant any and every raw material.  This number of tests if more than three times greater than the industry standards of the U.S. Pharmacopeia.  In addition, they conduct over 100,000 quality tests per year to ensure product purity..
  12. Non GMO policy - All of their food ingredients are certified non-GMO, but they go beyond the supplier certification of testing raw materials by testing their finished products to confirm there are no GMO's .  
  13. Design and packaging - Shaklee protects product contents from warehouse and transport heat, lengthy shelf life and other exposures that can erode ingredient potency in the bottle.  Their packaging protects products from excessive heat and direct sun while being environmentally friendly.
  14. Climate Neutral™In the year 2000, Shaklee became the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral™ certification and totally offset its CO2 emissions.
  15. No animal testing  As a matter of policy, Shaklee Corporation is opposed to and does not conduct animal testing of any kind on any Shaklee product.
  16. Environmentally friendly - Shaklee only make products that are friendly to the environment without containing phosphates, borates, nitrates or other substances harmful to the earth?
  17. Ingredient glossary - Shaklee uses natural, not artificial, ingredients only. The ingredients they use for nutritional products is published in an online glossary.  They also have a long of ingredients they won't use because of future safety concerns, even though their competitors do. 
  18. 100% money-back guarantee Shaklee products are 100% Guaranteed for safety and proven performance.  If a purchaser is not satisfied with any of their products, they can be returned for a full refund, even if the container is empty. " Proven performance guaranteed" is the primary Shaklee difference from its competition.
  19. World class athletes - Elite athletes have the most stringent anti-doping regulations in sports, so what they put into their bodies is critically important to them. Shaklee nutritional products guaranty quality, efficacy and the healthy edge athletes need to win at the highest levels of competition. Hand-picked world class athletes from a variety of highly competitive sports have already won a combined 144 gold, silver and bronze medals at the Summer and Winter Games—all chose to use Shaklee. 
  20. The Golden Rule - In 1956, when Dr. Shaklee started the company, he pledged to make products in harmony with nature and exhibit business practices in harmony with the Golden Rule, which is still the motto today.  These precepts are still in practice today.

For these twenty reasons, and others not covered, it is clear that Shaklee Corporation stands alone in manufacturing the best supplement quality found anywhere in the industry.

A personal testimony - one company has the best supplement quality

From other pages on this arthritis-relief-naturally website, you may be aware that my husband and I have osteoarthritis.  We prefer to find natural approaches to avoid side effects of chronic pharmaceutical treatments.  We discovered Shaklee had the best supplement quality and have used their nutritional products since 1989.  We obtained anti-inflammatory relief with their supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil), alfalfa and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).

It wasn't until 2003 that they introduced three natural pain relief products that have really helped our arthritis symptoms of pain, aching, stiffness, swelling and range of motion. Especially pain..

The three products include:

A natural pain relief tablet anchored by the boswellia herb, a centuries-old science-backed treatment for pain.

A joint health tablet, anchored by a vegetarian glucosamine sourced from organic corn in a blend with boswellia.

A muscle and joint pain cream, anchored by natural menthol and formulated to penetrate up to four inches directly to the pain site and stays effective up to four hours.

If you have a special need and are considering natural products in lieu of drugs or toxic cleaners, you can trust the Shaklee Corporation produces the top supplement quality in America.

Their natural product portfolio includes categories of Nutrition, Healthy Weight, Beauty, Sports, and Green Home.  You can find category links to all their products, including The Shaklee Pain Trio, and My Arthritis Story (scroll the linked page) from this About Me link.

Disclaimer: Health statements on this supplement quality page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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