Safflower for Arthritis Relief

The benefits of the safflower are newly discovered in the West, but have a centuries-old tradition of medicinal use in Asia. Extract from the flower of the plant provides natural alternatives for joint discomfort of arthritis. Its properties reduce pain and inflammation.

The plant’s flower has been used internally in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, including easing joint pain and stiffness.

The botanical name of the plant is carthamus tinctorius. It is cultivated both as an herb and as a food crop. Over the last half-century, it has been cultivated mainly for vegetable oil extracted from its seeds.

It’s produced commercially in more than sixty countries but the leading producers of safflower are India, United States and Mexico.

My husband and I have successfully used a natural pain relief supplement consisting of safflower extract (flower) and boswellia extract for our osteoarthritis conditions.

What is safflower?

Safflower is a highly-branched annual thistle-like herb that grows to a height of 3 feet producing yellow or reddish flowers. Each branch will usually have several flower heads containing 15-20 seeds per head. The dried flowers of the plant and its seeds are used commercially.

Traditionally, safflowers were grown for their seeds and used for coloring foods and making red and yellow dyes. Its flowers can be used alone or in formulas. They can be prepared as dried powder, tinctures, or decoctions (extracts).

The oil from the seed has been used externally in therapeutic massage and as a natural alternative to mineral oil for use on babies. It’s also beneficial in applications for bruises, sprains and arthritis pain

Safflower is source of several flavonoids

More recently, the plant has been identified as the source of several flavonoids with strong antioxidant compounds.

Flavonoids are any of a group of oxygen-containing aromatic antioxidant compounds that includes many common pigments that help to lower inflammation as well as counteract the damaging effects of oxidation on body tissues.

The well-known antioxidant, guercetin, is one of the flavonoids found in safflower. Quercetin has many health benefits among which it can help reduce the inflammation that results from bursitis, gout, and arthritis.

Side effects

The safflower flower is often used in conjunction with herbs with no reported interactions. There are also no reported interactions of the extract or oil with standard pharmaceuticals.

Its use in dissolving clots, however, suggests that it should not be taken with blood-thinning treatments without a doctor's knowledge.

Safflower and boswellia combination effective for joint discomfort

Every day, many of us push ourselves to the limit both occupationally and recreationally. In the end, our bodies, and especially our joints, pay the price. Pain is the common symptom. It’s the body’s natural warning system and it deserves a natural response.

Safflower extract and boswellia extract are proven effective and safe for relief of arthritis pain, joint discomfort, and restricted knee flexion.

When combined in a natural product that contains a patent-pending blend of both extracts. it provides long-term relief within just a few weeks and is especially helpful for relieving chronic pain. Continued daily use of this naturally safe product keeps pain away or markedly reduces pain.

30 questions to find the best dietary supplement manufacturers

Dietary supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)the same as drugs. Instead, they're considered the same as food. The FDA does not require pre-market testing for supplement efficacy and the industry is loosely regulated for ingredient testing by manufacturers. The current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) rules of 2007 lack teeth, meaning the dietary supplement industry remains a "consumer beware" minefield.

In a seven-year span from 2010-2016, 65% of dietary supplement facilities inspected by the FDA failed the gGMP guidelines.

Because of the wide variance in quality of natural supplements available, I devised a list of 30 questions to help find the top industry manufacturer(s).

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It’s a company anchored in science.  They have a "beyond organic" manufacturing philosophy that far outdistances their competition or the purity and safety requirements by which the rest of the industry is judged.  In fact, they are closer to being a pharmaceutical company than a dietary supplement company in terms of the clinical studies they perform and the efficacy guaranteed by their products. 

The industry does not require clinical testing or proof of efficacy.  Yet they choose to be remarkably different from their competitors.   A company whose natural dietary supplements contain the purest of raw ingredients. A company that guarantees what you read on the label is what you get inside the bottle—every time!

Featured natural supplement

Before his total knee replacement in 2016, my husband had severe knee arthritis (both knees) from sports-related traumas. In 1999 during arthroscopic meniscus suregery on his left knee, the surgeon recommended total knee replacement. My husband said no. He played tennis several times a week and wanted to avoid knee replacement for as long as possible.

At that time, to try to control pain, swelling, and inflammation, he took the NSAID, ibuprofen, as well as  acetaminophen.   Both drugs have side effects and are not intended for long-term use or dosages higher than recommended.  But he was only able to play tennis twice a week because of swelling, aching, and stiffness afterwards. 

In 2003, the safflower and boswellia pain relief product featured on this page came on the market as an integral part of three natural arthritis products.

By substituting the natural treatment he was able to recover faster and played tennis four times a week with little or no pain. In total, he played for 16 years after the first knee replacement suggestion. In late 2015 he suffered a torn meniscus while playing tennis, which ultimately led to total knee replacements in both knees.

As an update, he resumed tennis in June, 2016, still plays three to four times a week and continues to use the featured pain relief product daily.  To be fair, he also uses the other two products introduced in 2003 daily, a glucosamine-based joint health product and a menthol-based pain relief cream.

He and I both like the fact there’s no side effects to worry about. I’ve reduced pain and restored my neck function to near normal after 13 years of complications from neck arthritis..We've use the safflower/boswellia pain relief supplement everyday.  It's safe.  It's natural.  It builds up in the body and is great for eliminating pain used on that basis.

Its formulation contains 150 mg daily of safflower extract and 1000 mg of boswellia extract. We like the fact that at first, you can safely take more than the label directions, then taper off as results kick in. Because it's an herbal formula, it may take a little longer, but once relief is achieved, it can be maintained continuously using label directions. We've seen it work on extreme pain cases. I’m happy to recommend this natural pain relief supplement.

The three natural pain relief products in this report are also referred to as The Pain Trio (scroll the linked page for My Arthritis Story).

Boswellia. This ancient herb has natural benefits similar to arthritis pain relief medicines but without harmful side effects. When combined with other substances like safflower, it makes a potent natural painkiller.  Click here for more on boswellia

Arthritis Products. Three safe natural products scientifically designed to fight pain and reduce dependency on pharmaceutical medicines. Each is unique for rapid relief and joint health...Click here for details

Health Resource.  This About Us link leads to a public website for the Shaklee Corporation.  From here you can also link their Science, Ingredient Glossary, Complete Research Archive pages and more.

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