A Clinically Proven Rheumatoid Arthritis Weight Loss Plan Stands Alone for Guaranteed Purity, Safety and Effectiveness

A non-GMO rheumatoid arthritis weight loss plan, anchored by keto friendly 20-gram meal replacement protein shakes, leads the dietary supplement field.  The recommended turnaround program is clinically proven and money-back-guaranteed for purity, safety and results.1,2. About two-thirds of people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are overweight or obese, the same proportion as in the general US population.3 

Fat is chemically active, constantly releasing proteins that cause inflammation which then turns up the “volume” of RA itself, writes Emily Detzell in How Fat Affects Rheumatoid Arthritis on arthritis.org. Excess body weight not only increases inflammation, it may also affect drug effectiveness in RA patients, according to the Arthritis Foundation.  3

A 2014 review underscored the importance of rheumatoid arthritis weight loss in combatting inflammatory response.  The analysis of 329 studies of obesity in autoimmune diseases suggested that an excess of fat calls produces higher levels in proteins that aggravate the inflammation that is already within joints.  The study authors detailed data showing that people with RA who are obese have more active disease, more pain, and worse overall health.4

A 2013 study found overweight and obese RA patients are as much as 50 percent less likely to have a positive outcome after 12 months of therapy with biologics that block TNF-alpha than healthy weight patients.  The authors said poor response was particularly true with infliximab (Remicade).  Some traditional disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDS) also were found to work less well in obese individuals. One of the study authors said that weight loss itself was related to a better clinical response than drugs.5

A successful rheumatoid arthritis weight loss plan reduces inflammation
Avoid inflammation-causing foods with rheumatoid arthritis weight loss plan
Avoid or limit as much as possible these inflammation-causing foods
Rheumatoid arthritis weight loss diet plan should include these foods
FDA:  Beware of tainted weight loss products
Recommended rheumatoid arthritis weight loss plan is guaranteed by clinical studies
Here's what you get for the first four weeks for rheumatoid arthritis weight loss

A successful rheumatoid arthritis weight loss plan reduces inflammation

Rheumatoid arthritis weight loss brings significant improvement to painful weight bearing joints, according to Eric Matteson, MD, a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. 

“Every 10 pounds of excess weight puts 40 pounds of extra pressure on knees.”  Losing weight is helpful for RA patients, he said.  Besides helping to relieve joint strain, "losing weight also generally makes the drugs work better."3,6

There’s no shortage of weight loss programs from which to choose, but not all diet plans are equal.  Diet experts weigh in on How to Choose a Weight Loss Program on  the Arthritis Foundation website:7

Look for:

  • Structured weight loss programs are the best to achieve your goals.
  • Programs that feature balanced meal replacements, such as shakes and bars, which clinical studies have shown are helpful weight loss tools.
  • A balanced program including healthier eating, exercise and lifestyle changes
  • A professional staff, with credentials and experience, backed by health professionals and scientists
  • A customizable plan tailored to needs, goals, resources and emotional challenges
  • Flexibility that doesn’t severely restrict, eliminate or demonize food groups
  • Long term support with professional follow up, including access to success-story testimonials and educational materials


  • Programs that over-promise.  Many rheumatoid arthritis weight loss programs may have extraordinary success stories, but what are the typical results?
  • Programs that promise weight loss rapidly, which does not protect health and safety
  • Programs dependent on “gimmicks” like expensive unproven agents or medications
  • Plans that promote expensive testing and other diagnostic testing like full body scans

Avoid inflammation-causing foods with rheumatoid arthritis weight loss plan

Many major diseases that plague us—including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, and Alzheimer's—have been linked to chronic inflammation.

One of the most powerful tools to combat inflammation comes not from the pharmacy, but from the grocery store. "Many experimental studies have shown that components of foods or beverages may have anti-inflammatory effects," says Dr. Frank Hu, professor of nutrition and epidemiology in the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Choose the right inflammation-fighting foods and you may be able to reduce your risk of illness.  Consistently pick the wrong ones, and you could accelerate the inflammatory disease process, said Dr. Hu, who cautions:.8

Avoid or limit as much as possible these inflammation-causing foods:

  • Refined carbohydrates, such as white bread and pastries
  • French fries and other fried foods
  • Soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages
  • Red meat (burgers, steaks) and processed meat (hot dogs, sausage)
  • Margarine, shortening and lard

Not surprisingly, the same foods that cause inflammation are generally regarded as unhealthy and contribute to weight gain, which itself is a risk factor for inflammation.

Instead, Dr. Hu recommends anti-inflammatory foods. “Many experimental studies have shown that components of foods or beverages may have anti-inflammatory effects,” Hu said, while recommending the following diet.

Rheumatoid arthritis weight loss diet plan should include these foods:

  • Tomatoes
  • Olive Oil
  • Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kale, and collards
  • Nuts like almonds and walnuts
  • Fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, tuna, and sardines
  • Fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, cherries, apples and oranges
  • Coffee may protect against inflammation, as well 8

FDA:  Beware of tainted weight loss products

The dietary supplement market suffers from rogue players who take advantage of unaware consumers, weak industry regulations, and poorly-funded Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversight.

Fraudulent arthritis weight loss products represent the second-most implicated of all supplements contaminated by the intentional addition of undeclared pharmaceuticals. 

An investigative study using data from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) discovered 746 dietary supplement brands spiked with drugs between 2007 and 2016 were produced by 146 companies. Supplements marketed for weight loss accounted for 41% (second only to sexual enhancement at 46%). There were also 14 products marketed for other indications, primarily joint or muscle pain. The results were published in the online Journal of the American Medical Association’s JAMA Network Open, October 12, 2018 9

"Active pharmaceuticals continue to be identified in contaminated supplements, even after FDA warnings," the researchers concluded while commenting on the lack of supplement quality and safety. "These products have the potential to cause severe adverse health effects owing to accidental misuse, overuse, or interaction with other medications, underlying health conditions, or other drugs within the same dietary supplement."9

If you are a consumer interested in rheumatoid arthritis weight loss, a partial list of 349 drug-spiked weight loss brands can be found on the FDA web page, Tainted Weight Loss Products.10 On a different FDA web page, the agency provides updated consumer information entitled Questions and Answers about FDA's Initiative Against Contaminated Weight Loss Products.11

"These product are masquerading as dietary supplements--they may look like dietary supplements, but they are not legal dietary supplements," says Michael Levy, director of FDA's Division of New Drugs and Labeling Compliance.  "Some of these products contain hidden prescription ingredients at levels much higher than those found in an approved drug product and are dangerous.  We need consumers to be aware of these dangerous products and learn how to identify and avoid them," Levy said.12

Recommended rheumatoid arthritis weight loss plan guaranteed by clinical studies

The clinically-proven Shaklee 180 program is different than anything else you’ve tried before. It’s guaranteed pure, safe, effective with a “feel better in 30 days or your money back” promise.  The diet plan is centered around high protein shakes.  Its four-week starter kit includes 20-gram-protein meal replacements and snacks plus a step-by-step guide and online access to support tools, healthy recipes, meal plans, exercise programs, lifestyle information and success stories to help lose the weight safely and learn how to keep it off. 

A key component in the product line is the amino acid leucine, clinically-tested to help keep muscle while burning fat and losing inches.  The best kind of weight loss is when you lose fat but keep muscle—most conventional diet plans burn fat and muscle, which contributes to the yo yo affect.  Researchers in a 2016 study said: “If you’re not getting enough complete protein with all nine essential amino acids, you’re not giving your body the building blocks to build muscle efficiently.  If you’re losing weight, you’ll lose even more muscle.”13,14

This means at first your clothing size may shrink at a greater rate than your weight—which is what most really want.

All products are supported by research that suggests overweight/obese patients who lose pounds may experience less inflammation.  It promotes successful and sustainable weight management by following a moderate calorie diet plan that includes high protein meal replacements, and by performing a basic exercise program that includes resistance and aerobic training. 1, 2 

Here's what you get for the first four weeks for rheumatoid arthritis weight loss

Here’s what you get in the 180 reverse kit, which provides two meals a day.  You eat a sensible third meal on your own.  The kit meals are customizable, with a choice of flavors.  Increase the shake protein grams by mixing nuts, seeds, nut butters, milk or your favorite vegetables or fruits.

The kit contains everything you need for four weeks in an anti inflammation diet:

Three canisters (45 total servings) of delicious keto friendly meal replacement Life Shakes  packed with protein to curb hunger and increase energy.  Available in Plant and Soy Protein formulas, and stevia free soy protein, choose from several flavors.  Each Life Shake contains:

  •  20 grams of non-GMO protein to keep you feeling fuller longer.  Starting at 130 calories per serving.
  • Clinically proven to help you reach and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Powered by Leucine® to help you build lean muscle, burn fat, improve metabolism.
  • Proprietary prebiotic from an organic ancient grains blend enjoyed by humans for millenia, plus added digestive enzymes. Easy to digest, promotes regularity and digestive comfort.
  • 23 essential vitamins and minerals and 200 mg of calcium plus ALA, an essential omega-3 fatty acid.
  • Low glycemic, vegan, cholesterol free and gluten free.

Two boxes (14 total servings) of meal replacement Meal-in-a-Bars, available in three flavors, a great alternative to the Life Energizing Shake with 18-20 grams of protein to keep you feeling full and satisfied.  Great for a meal-on-the-run.

One box of ten healthy Snack Bars loaded with protein and fiber, available in four flavors

One box (28 sticks) of Energizing Tea, a safe and natural way to head off the slumps, available in two flavors.

 One Metabolic Boost supplement (30=day supply) to help burn calories naturally and keep your metabolism going strong

Program support including a step-by-step guide and online access to tools, tips, healthy recipes, meal plans, exercise programs lifestyle information and success stories to help support your progress.

Each of the products in this arthritis pain relief diet program are also available for purchase separately to continue the diet after the first four weeks.  Just click on this Healthy Weight link. 

Give this weight loss plan a try.  When you see the results, you’ll be glad you did—and will be encouraged to continue with the twice daily very healthy protein shakes until you meet your goal.

Whatever the length of your rheumatoid arthritis weight loss diet plan, additional clinical research indicates that a post-diet weight maintenance program incorporating twice weekly resistance and aerobic exercise sessions, coupled with one daily Shaklee meal replacement protein shake is effective for avoiding weight regain.  These regimens also improve body composition, with concurrent fat mass decrease and lean mass increase.2, 6

Note:  Plan is also available in a Starter Kit with less products.

Disclaimer: Health statements on this rheumatoid arthritis weight loss page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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