Low Calorie Best Weight Loss Shake--
A Natural Aid for Knee and Hip Pain 

The best weight loss shake is a clinically proven vegan meal replacement protein mix that safely drops excess fat with only 140 calories per serving.  It also maintains lean muscle. 1,2  Losing pounds reduces pressure on joints, especially knees and hips. If people who are overweight lose 10% of their body weight—20 pounds for a 200-pound person—they can ease joint pain by half, according to the 2017 article, Weight Loss Strategies for Osteoarthritis, on WebMD.3

Top rated meal replacement shakes are fortified with vitamins, minerals and precise ratios of all nine amino acids. When packed with 20 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber per serving they promote effective and safe weight loss. The recommended non-GMO plant-based protein powder is screened beyond organic levels for contaminants, according to its manufacturer.4

Exercise should be part of any healthy lifestyle, especially when trying to manage or lose weight.  For people with arthritis and joint discomfort, the benefits of twice weekly exercise and weight loss can be dramatic.  A loss of just 10 pounds can take 30 to 40 pounds of pressure off your knees when you walk, the WebMD article quotes Amanda Sammut, MD, chief of rheumatology at Harlem Hospital Center in New York City as saying: If you’re overweight, shedding pounds can ease arthritis pain now and lower your chances of serious joint damage and surgery down the road.  And weight loss can help prevent or treat osteoarthritis, said Dr. Sammut.3

“Your chance of getting arthritis in your knee for overweight or obese individuals is four to five times higher than someone who’s not,” Dr. Sammut said. “Losing weight lowers levels of proteins that cause swelling.  Fat cells create proteins that cause swelling throughout the body and can damage joints, explained Dr. Sammut.3  

The best weight loss shake fills nutrient gaps caused by low calorie dieting
Protein shakes are not equal.  Read ingredients carefully
Skipping breakfast is never recommended when dieting
Study: two meal replacement shakes daily effective for short-term weight loss
Investigations find top selling protein powders contaminated with heavy metals 
How to find a contaminant-free best weight loss shake 
The best weight loss shake checks all the recommended boxes

The best weight loss shake fills nutrient gaps caused by low calorie dieting

The best weight loss shake replaces the nutrient gaps caused by low calorie diets.  When people cut back on calories, it can be difficult to get all the nutrients they need from food alone. The best weight loss shakes supply the necessary nutrients to provide a complete meal.  

Meal replacement shakes are portable and convenient, and they may help resist the temptation to indulge in unhealthy processed foods.  Mixing a shake from protein powder takes less than five minutes.

In fact, one of the biggest barriers to losing weight is the time it takes to prepare healthy, whole food meals.  When stressed or in a hurry, it’s much easier to grab a processed convenience food or give in to fast food, which can seriously derail weight loss efforts.  

Most processed foods are full of sugar, refined carbs and artificial ingredients, in addition to lacking beneficial nutrients.  Furthermore, processed foods that are high in sugar, salt and fat activate the pleasure centers of the brain, which can lead to overeating.5,6,7  

The best weight loss shakes are easy to drink on-the-go and are a significantly healthier alternative to fast foods.8

Protein shakes are not equal.  Read ingredients carefully

When searching for the right meal replacement product, you must look at each protein shake separately.  After all, the nutrients or nutritional value shakes provide varies substantially brand-to-brand with assorted proportions of protein, carbs, fat and sugar.  Prices vary widely also. Ignore the claims on the front of the package and read the ingredient list on the back.  

If you are considering the best weight loss shake to safely maximize results, you should avoid products that fail the following minimum standards:8  

  •  Less than 15 grams of protein per serving.         
  • Less than 3 grams of fiber per serving
  • More than 10 grams of sugar per serving.        
  • No corn syrup
  • No hydrogenated vegetable oils
  • Less than 33% of the Daily Value for vitamins and minerals
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives
  • No genetically modified (GMO) ingredients
  • Not clinically-proven for efficacy and safety
  • Not tested to meet quality standards, such as the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP)  

In summary, it’s important to examine each meal replacement product individually in order to gain a full understanding of what it contains.  

Skipping breakfast is never recommended when dieting

Drinking a protein shake as breakfast in the morning is a simple, foolproof weight-loss method.  The fact is, when you’re trying to lose body fat, you can’t skip breakfast—but you may be too busy to think about calories and to make healthy choices, according to the article, Breakfast Shakes—Drink Yourself Skinny on the Dr. Oz web site.9

Four benefits gained from a high protein morning shake includes:

  1. Boost your metabolic rate by 25%.
  2. Save calories by avoiding fatty foods (if you drink a shake for breakfast, you can save an average of 400 calories per day).
  3. Keep your blood sugar levels balanced, allowing your body to burn stored fat as fuel.
  4. Increase your energy levels, which enables you to increase your activity and automatically burn more calories

Simply put, weight loss occurs when your metabolism gets moving and you put out more calories than you take in.9

If you were to replace your 750-calories bagel and orange juice meal with a 140-calorie protein shake, you’d save 610 calories per day.  And you’d see the results on your bathroom scale in no time.9

Study: two meal replacement shakes daily effective for short-term weight loss

Protein shakes support muscle growth and repair after exercise and are a quick meal replacement.  Research demonstrates one meal replacement shake daily is effective for weight maintenance when combined with two sensible, healthy whole food meals.2

Drinking two high quality shakes daily instead of full meals is an excellent short-term weight loss strategy, especially in the first three months. One study published in 2014 in the journal Obesity compared weight loss results from a 12-week program, with follow-ups after one and two years, among participants who had used meal replacements and those who had reduced calorie diets and modified their lifestyles.  Both groups lost weight, but in the check-ins one and two years later, the meal replacement group had regained significant weight and the reduced-calorie, modified-lifestyle group had not.  Researchers theorized that the meal replacements became a “crutch” of sorts and worked for short-term weight loss but were not a reliable long-term tool for weight maintenance.10

The best weight loss shake with 20 grams of plant or soy protein per serving, helps curb hunger, making a low-calorie diet easier to follow.  A study published in the journal Obesity in 2007 showed that a high daily protein intake can help increase metabolism and decrease appetite. When dieting, an intake of 30 percent of daily calories from protein diminished the effects of the hormone that stimulates appetite.11

The recommended protein shake is not sold ready-to-drink.  It is homemade by mixing a non-GMO protein powder in liquid (water, milk) and other ingredients (fruit, vegetables, healthy nuts, etc.) in a shaker or blender.  It is available in pea (plant) protein, soy protein and whey protein powders. Ready-to-drink shakes are sometimes contaminated with heavy metals and could pose a health risk, according to tests performed by Consumer Reports in 2010.12 

When replacing whole food meals with two daily shakes it is of utmost importance that a best weight loss shake protein mix be fortified with vitamins, minerals, all nine essential amino acids, omega 3 ALA (an essential fatty acid) and calcium. 

Investigations find top selling protein powders contaminated with heavy metals 

Consumer Reports investigated the levels of contamination in the top-selling protein powders and found all contained detectable levels of heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead, and bisphenol-A (BPA), according to the article, Arsenic, Lead Found in Popular Protein Supplements by Jesse Hirsch on March 12, 2018.13

Virtually all the 134 products tested from 52 brands contained at least one heavy metal and 55 percent tested positive for BPA.  These substances have been linked to cancer, brain damage, and reproductive issues.  The products were screened for over 130 toxins and were tested and reviewed by a third-party analytical chemistry laboratory.

This is not the first research that has shown high contaminant levels in such products.  A 2010 Consumer Reports study detected arsenic, cadmium, lead and/or mercury in samples of all the 15 powders tested.12

“These toxins accumulate in your body and can stay there for years,” says Tunde Akinleye, a test program leader in Consumer Reports Food Safety Division. “Frequent consumption of foods that contain them can have adverse health effects over the long run,” she said in the article.13

A lack of sufficient raw material testing by U.S. manufacturers, weak industry regulations, and cheap foreign ingredients  have all contributed to these findings.  

How to find a contaminant-free best weight loss shake 

The best weight loss shake is a protein that is tested for purity and quality (so you’ll know that you’re getting what you expect based on the label and ingredients and that there are no additives or other surprises), said Steve Hertzler, Ph.D., Abbott Nutrition senior research scientist and dietitian in a Livestrong article.14

Consumers can look for a product that is checked for banned substances and has label claims verified via a National Science Foundation (NSF) or U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) type certification.

Don’t grab the protein powder that simply provides the most grams of protein for you buck, as the quality of protein powders varies greatly, Hertzler advises. Start with the ingredients first; if it’s a long laundry list that includes fillers, binders and additives like artificial sweeteners, you can find better.

Higher quality protein powders deliver all the nutrients you need and help your muscles to recover from exercise or simply help you boost your daily protein intake, while others lack quality, taste and purity.  

The recommended best weight loss shake contains the following label declarations on purity:4

  • Beyond Organic is our philosophy that Shaklee quality stands go beyond how and where an ingredient is grown.  We look to confirm the purity and potency of ingredients AFTER harvest to guarantee that the final finished product is free of hundreds of chemical contaminants.”
  • “No artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives”
  • Screened for over 350 contaminants, pesticides and impurities on every new botanical, 3 times more than USP standards.

The best weight loss shake checks all the recommended boxes

The best weight loss shake checks all the boxes on what a recommended protein powder should contain.  It provides a delicious (preferred by 90% in a blind taste test), all-in-one meal proven by clinical trials to provide purity, satiety, increased energy and help achieve a healthy weight. 

The recommended weight loss shake includes the following benefits:15

  • Clinically-proven to help reach and maintain a healthy goal weight.1,2
  • Low calorie. Contains only 140 calories per serving (30 from fat)
  • Healthy digestion, regularity and digestive comfort. Contains a proprietary prebiotic from organic ancient grains blend and added digestive enzymes for improved protein absorption. 
  • 20g protein, 6g fiber.  Provides increased energy and satiety. These grams are substantial, and can be increased even further by adding vegetables, fruits, almonds, walnuts or nut butters (caution: doing so may increase calories). 
  • 23 essential vitamins and minerals, including 200 mg of calcium, and omega-3 (ALA), an essential fatty acid.Includes clinically-proven nutrients to support heart, brain, vision, bone, immune, and overall health.. 
  • Non-GMO. Beyond organic:  the manufacturer confirms the purity and potency of ingredients AFTER harvest by screening for over 350 contaminants, pesticides, and impurities on every new botanical, 3 times more than U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) standards.4 
  • Low glycemic.  Supports healthy blood sugar levels with zero added sugar 
  • Available in pea protein or soy protein in a variety of flavors
  • Vegan, gluten free 
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.  
  • Kosher.
  • Sweetened by natural stevia 
  • Pure, safe and effective guarantee.  Feel and taste the difference in 30 days or your money back.
Boosted by the amino acid Leucine to help build lean muscle, burn fat, improve metabolism and reduce cravings.

If you’re looking for the absolute best weight loss shake, you’ve found it here:

Follow this link for the recommended plant protein shake featuring a proprietary blend of pea protein, L-leucine, organic chia seed protein, and organic pumpkin seed protein.

Follow this link for the recommended soy protein shake featuring a proprietary blend of soy protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, L-leucine, organic chia seed protein and organic pumpkin seed protein.

Follow this link for the recommended soy protein stevia free shake featuring a proprietary blend of soy protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, L-leucine, organic chia seed protein and organic pumpkin seed protein and 10 gram natural cane sugar.

Each best weight loss shake links above contain detailed product information including a video presentation, price, product labels and clinically-proven details.

Note:  Also available as a whey protein smoothie.

Disclaimer: Health statements on this Best Weight Loss Shake page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


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