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Anti-aging -- Exploring longevity is truly the ultimate scientific quest as researchers around the world attempt to slow down the aging clock. Recent discoveries have prompted natural resveratrol supplements, including one that fights cellular aging and supports joint health and more.

One of the most exciting areas in longevity research has been the study of the genetic regulators of aging. Recently, scientists identified in laboratory studies that resveratrol--a compound found in red wine—activates genetic regulators of cellular longevity pathways, which may have positive effects on DNA, cellular health, and metabolism.

Based on emerging anti aging research and their own laboratory studies, a supplement industry leader has developed a cellular anti aging dietary supplement that supports joint arthritis health. It also supports heart health, cardiovascular function, brain health, immune function and promotes cellular longevity.

Product story most complex ever created by the manufacturer

The company that created this resveratrol-based anti aging product is a credible California-based firm in business since 1956 with a long track record of scientific accomplishments. The product was introduced in August, 2008 after years of research and development by its 70-member scientific staff. It’s marketed exclusively by the company’s independent distributors.

By harnessing the special cellular anti-aging power of a muscadine super grape and combining it with ultrapure, natural resveratrol to create an anti aging dietary supplement that stands alone, the company’s scientists have achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in the fight against cellular aging.

In fact, the company says this anti aging supplement is the most complex product ever developed by its science team because of the challenges to develop a new extraction process and incorporate it into the production of a highly concentrated and potent liquid formula. Moreover, the company was able to secure the entire muscadine output from the largest and best growers in the world.

Why there’s no anti-aging supplement its equal

While there’s many resveratrol products on the market, there’s no anti-aging supplement that comes close to comparing to its purity, potency, safety and anti aging benefits. Consider these four points:

  1. The most potent resveratrol--the company’s scientists sources the purest and most potent natural resveratrol. In fact, this extract’s resveratrol content is no less than 98%, and the amount of resveratrol found in the product is guided by the latest scientific studies and latest research.
  2. Super polyphenols from the super grape--its scientists also zeroed in on a remarkable super gape, muscadine (vitis rotundifolia). This is the only grape found in nature with an extra chromosome, which scientists believe greatly enhances its polyphenol profile and potential health benefits.
  3. In collaboration with scientists from the University of Georgia, the company’s scientists employed a bioassay-guided process, which resulted in a patent-pending super grape extract with ellagic acid, a polyphenol not found in ordinary grapes. Ellagic acid is thought to be responsible for many of the unique cellular anti-aging actions of the super grape in the supplement’s formulation.
  4. Broad spectrum of polyphenols--in addition, the patent-pending extract supplies other potent polyphenols affecting cellular longevity pathways, such as phenolic acids, ellagitannins, anthocyanins, and proanthocyanidins.

The patent-pending ingredient blend

The result is a remarkable anti aging supplement with ingredients that have been laboratory tested to address four key mechanisms of cellular aging, and the company has filed patents to protect this exclusive and innovate polyphenol formulation.

The product contains no alcohol and only 15 calories per serving. Its patent-pending ingredient blend contains 1,390 total mg, including Muscadine Grape extract (vitas rotundifolia)(fruit pomace), trans-Resveratrol (polyugonum cuspidatum) (root) standardized to a minimum of 98% purity, European Elderberry extract (sambucus nigra) (fruit), and Purple Carrot extract (daucus carota sativus) (root).

Four key mechanisms of cellular aging

One of the most exciting areas in anti aging research has been the study of the genetic regulators of aging. Recently, scientists identified in laboratory studies that resveratrol impacts the four key mechanisms of cellular aging, as follows:

  1. DNA damage—resveratrol helps protect and repair cellular DNA
  2. Genetic Regulators—resveratrol positively impacts genetic regulators
  3. Declining Cellular Energy Production—resveratrol promotes mitochondrial biogenesis
  4. Formation of AGE proteins—resveratrol slows AGE protein formation

Benefits of this anti-aging supplement

In addition to the four mechanisms of aging, in laboratory studies, ingredients of the resveratrol-based anti aging supplement were also shown to shown to:

  • Support heart health and cardiovascular function
  • Support brain health
  • Support immune function
  • Support joint health
  • Promote cellular longevity
  • Promote good health and well being
  • Supply antioxidants, fight free radicals
  • Increases cellular energy

Who will benefit and how should it be used

This anti-aging supplement containing resveratrol will benefit:

  1. Adult men and women concerned about cellular aging and maximum well-being.
  2. Anyone who is committed to a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.
  3. Not recommended for children and pregnant or lactating women.

How it should be used:

  1. The recommended serving is one teaspoon a day.
  2. Shake well before use.
  3. Take daily, preferable with a meal such as breakfast (recommended) or lunch
  4. Keep both unopened and opened bottles refrigerated for optimal freshness and quality.

10 times more powerful than resveratrol alone

A 30-day supply of the anti aging tonic delivers the equivalent amount of resveratrol found in 3,000 glasses of red wine. One daily serving delivers the equivalent amount of resveratrol provided in 100 glasses of red wine.

In laboratory studies, the product’s ingredients have been shown to be 10 times more powerful than resveratrol alone at slowing the formation of AGE proteins, one of the key mechanisms of cellular aging.

The cellular anti aging tonic is 100% guaranteed. The company stands behind each and every one of its products. The ingredients, purity, safety, and performance of all of it Nutrition, Healthy Home, and Personal Care Products are 100% guaranteed and science-based.

Featured resveratrol supplement benefiting joint arthritis

From previous pages on this site, you may be aware that my husband and I both have osteoarthritis. This new anti aging supplement also improves joint health.

We’ve been taking it since its inception in August, 2008 for my husband’s knee arthritis and my neck arthritis.

We have reason to trust the company manufacturing the supplement and in the anti-aging research and discoveries upon which its production was founded. It’s the same company that best met our 30 questions for standards of excellence. Their products have been based on solid science for over 50 years.

For all of the reasons above, if you’d like to help your body fight arthritis symptoms and aging, I recommend this anti aging product for longevity and better health. Click on the unique cellular anti-aging resveratrol supplement link and scroll it for full benefit, including cost..

Anti-Aging Disclaimer: Health statements on this Anti-aging page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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