Can Arthritis Relief Painkillers
Provoke More Harm Than Good?

Have arthritis relief painkillers forced you into a corner? Can't live with them but can't survive without them? Worry about the consequences of trading pain daily for dizziness or a sick feeling in your stomach, like twisting on a roller coaster at Six Flags? Join the club. You've waded into the middle of an American dilemma that, for some, cries out, “Do pain drugs cause more harm than good?”

More people than ever are frustrated by these questions. That's why we developed this site. Arthritis-Relief-Naturally explores plant-based clinically-proven alternatives for pain relief that safely shut the door on harmful side effects from pharmaceutical drugs.

Millions of people struggle with chronic pain that shows up daily, like unwanted spam in your inbox. But, whether caused by arthritis or other factors, pain announces a warning.

Does a natural supplement program trusted for performance and safety appeal to you? You'll find that here. The arthritis relief information on this site is based on science—concrete scientific evidence gleaned from hundreds of clinical studies—and not just personal opinion.

What's in it for you? Natural pain relief products protect your health and won't tear it down. Benefits flourish into a healthier, restored quality of life. If “natural that's safe and works!” appeals to you, then we're on the same page.

By the way, when it comes to pain, I identify with you also. When suffering from the side effects of long-term painkiller therapy (or worried that you might in the future), it's easy to forget the original objective was simply to relieve pain! I, too have traveled that path.

So whatever describes your pain thorn, it sparks my hope that the information on this site will not only answer your questions, but will encourage you. I have faith in your future, fortified by the experiences of countless others who have discovered that natural arthritis relief really works!

As you take control of your own health or that of a loved one, you'll acquire peace of mind you're doing the right thing. Along the way, I will interject personal success stories and recommendations.

So let's get started. Begin by looking over The Natural Pain Trio or by clicking on the first link that interests you below.

Ten Arthritis Supplements Science-Proven to Evade Drug Side Effects
Plant-based arthritis supplements that are clinically-proven may provide answers if drugs fall short or cause worry about long-term side effects. We list ten effective and safe natural ingredients that include glucosamine, boswellia, safflower, alfalfa, fish oil, GLA & more
Best Anti inflammation Diet Plan for Arthritis
One anti inflammation diet plan stands alone for safe weight loss and arthritis or joint pain relief. Clinically-proven, vegan, non GMO, GF, low glycemic, cholesterol free, kosher
Three Natural Arthritis Products — Top Performance, No Side Effects
3 pure herbal arthritis products fully fight pain safely. Stop popping daily painkiller drugs. Halt worries of pharmaceutical side effects
Chronic Pain DrugTreatments Frustrate 50 Million Americans
Discouraged by long-term chronic pain? Millions now turn to relief from safer natural supplements that eliminate fear of drug side effects
Natural Joint Pain Relief Treatment So Safe Your Doctor Will Endorse
Joint pain relief products provide safe natural alternatives to drug therapies. They're made by a 1956 nutrition leader with over 100 peer reviewed studies
New Fast Acting Glucosamine Supplement Rules in 2011 Study
Study: New vegetarian glucosamine supplement outscores leading brands: 28% faster, 45% better joint comfort, 31% better ease of motion
Gout Supplements -- Natural Remedies without Drug Side Effects
Four gout supplements help sweep excess uric acid and other free radicals from the body while building kidney, liver and colon cells. They are alfalfa tablets, milk thistle, probiotics and flavonoids
Dietary Supplement Company Stands Alone;100 Published Journal Studies
Find the best natural dietary supplement company by asking 30 questions. One manufacturer, leads the industry in quality, clinical studies and science
Dietary Supplements Are Not Equal—How to Find Best Natural Products
Quality dietary supplements, herbs and other natural substances useful for arthritis if used wisely, per Arthritis Organization. 79% of doctors recommend natural supplements for patients’ health needs
Dietary Supplement Quality--One Natural Company Stands Alone
Looking for the best supplement quality for arthritis symptoms? One company makes that claim with clinically proven efficacy while publishing over 135 studies
Contaminated Supplements Unmask A Drug Problem
2018 Study: Contaminated supplements with hidden pharmaceuticals undermines consumer trust. 746 brands implicated from FDA data includes arthritis products
Truth or Dare? Supplement Problems Scam Arthritis Consumers
Arthritis supplement problems undermine consumer trust with unscrupulous scams that often target vulnerable ethnic populations by marketing tainted products
Fakes! Tainted Supplements with Hidden Drugs Put Consumers at Risk
Arthritis consumers beware! Hidden drugs in tainted supplements (aka fake products) promoted by fake doctors, fake testimonials, fake labels, fake infomercials
Adulterated Arthritis Supplement Risks Exposed by Agencies
Public warned of supplement risks by FDA/FTC from adulterated, tainted products for brands promoted for arthritis, weight loss, sexual enhancement, body building
Dietary Supplement Recalls Target Arthritis Products
Dietary supplement recalls and FDA warnings for contaminated natural arthritis and gout products containing banned ingredients cast doubt on industry's credibility
CGMP Good Manufacturing Practices Lack Teeth for Dietary Supplements
Abuse of the cGMP safety regulations by shady sellers cast doubt on quality and safety of dietary supplement industry. Tainted, hidden ingredients threaten public health
Drug Side Effects -- An American Prescription Dilemma
Drug side effects responsible for 4,335,990 clinic/ER visits resulting in 107,468 hospitalizations annually per 2010 study. FDA--US drug system "broken down”
ADE - Adverse Drug Events - Reported to FDA Are Increasing
Adverse drug experience – ADE -- is a mushrooming public health issue in the U.S. and the FDA's voluntary adverse events reporting system (AERS) is flawed 2012 study says
NSAIDs Side Effects – The Silent Epidemic Becoming Louder
Arthritis patients beware! NSAIDs side effects now linked to stroke/heart attacks, GI bleeding, ulcers, liver failure.Natural pain relief supplements are safer
Painful news: Ibuprofen in Crosshairs for Cardiovascular Risk
Attention arthritis users: Ibuprofen is a stroke or heart attack waiting to happen. Study after study link the widely used painkiller to cardiac risks, more
Arthritis Types
Arthritis is not just a single disease, there are over 100 arthritis types, treated by drugs or natural pain relief alternatives.
Osteoarthritis – Causes, Diagnosis, Conventional and Natural Treatment
Osteoarthritis affects 30 million U.S. adults in 2017. Patients seek natural pain supplements that equal the effectiveness of drugs without side effects
Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Relief -- Natural Treatments Show Promise
Five natural supplements for rheumatoid arthritis pain relief include glucosamine, GLA, fish oil, and boswellia for inflammation control, and valerian for sleep
Rheumatoid Arthritis Research Validates Benefits of Omega-3s
Extensive rheumatoid arthritis research suggests omega-3 fish oil and other natural supplements improve joint tenderness and stiffness
Best Rheumatoid Arthritis Weight Loss Plan
The best rheumatoid arthritis weight loss plan is clinically proven, guaranteed safe, results in 30 days or money refunded. Anti-inflammatory, vegan, sugar/gluten/cholesterol free, kosher
Best Weight Loss Shake for Arthritis Relief
The best weight loss shake is a clinically-proven meal replacement fortified with 23 vitamins minerals, 20g protein 6g fiber, vegan, non-GMO, GF, Kosher, low glycemic
Knee Arthritis - Causes, Diagnosis, Conventional and Natural Treatment
CDC study: Knee arthritis will affect 45% of Americans by age 85. Overweight, obesity and age are major factors
Back Arthritis – Cause – Diagnosis – Natural Treatment
Back arthritis doesn’t mean a lifetime of pain or drugs. Safer options control symptoms and improve joint health
Hand Arthritis: Causes, Diagnosis, Conventional & Natural Treatments
The most common types of hand arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Many patients prefer natural dietary supplements to avoid drug side effects
Hip Arthritis Causes, Diagnosis, Conventional and Natural Treatments
Hip arthritis affects 10 million Americans. Drugs and natural supplements reduce pain, but neither stop progression. Natural glucosamine has least side effects
Patented Arthritis Pain Relief Cream Penetrates Deeply, Naturally
Finally an arthritis pain relief cream that works! Patented, fast acting, liposome delivery penetrates four inches for prolonged relief of muscle and joint pain associated with arthritis or overuse
Vitamin D Supplement May Prevent Development, Progression of Arthritis
Most Americans need a vitamin D supplement due to deficiency. Studies:The sunshine vitamin may help prevent onset and progression of osteoarthritis, RA
Finest Fish Oil for Arthritis Ultra Pure, Fights Joint Inflammation
Omega-3 fish oil for arthritis, ultra pure, no lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, dioxins and PCBs. Low odor, no aftertaste, pharmaceutical grade
Best Alfalfa Supplement Weeds Out Competition
Hunting for the best alfalfa supplement? Research discovers a conclusive front runner. Steeped in 'beyond organic' scientific excellence, it's anchored in superior quality alfalfa leaves
Probiotic Supplements -- Beware -- 90% Tested Different From Labels
Six studies find probiotic supplements fail contents-to-label tests. How to find a trusted brand when 90% may not deliver the “friendly bacteria” promised.
Natural Stress Relief Supplement Eliminates the Medicine Cabinet
Natural stress relief product provides healthy alternative to anti-anxiety drug treatments. Chronic pain and arthritis cause many stress-related doctor visits
Knee Pain Causes and Treatment Options
Knee pain is not always arthritis, but overuse of the knee joints is a determining factor. Natural treatments can tackle painful swelling, stiffness symptoms
Back Pain – Causes – Diagnosis – Acute – Chronic
Back pain will affect 8 out of 10 Americans during their life. Treat pain naturally. It strikes most often between ages 30 and 50.
Elbow Pain: Causes--Diagnosis--Conventional and Natural Treatments
Elbow pain causes, symptoms, traditional and natural treatments for osteoarthritis, RA, tendonitis and tennis elbow. Home care and pain supplements helpful.
Is Natural Back Pain Relief a Better Choice Than NSAIDs?
Safe natural back pain relief from best dietary supplements glucosamine, boswellia, safflower and fish oil prove effective for arthritis
Supplements Attain Natural Pain Relief for Arthritis, NIH Study Says
Millions seek natural pain relief from supplements helpful for Americans with arthritis and related joint symptoms to avoid drug side effects, per NIH study.
Studies Show Natural Vitamins Slow Arthritis Progression
Explore how natural vitamins C, D, E and B slow osteoarthritis progression per many clinical studies
Arthritis Treatments — Natural Supplements Surprise Experts
Pharmaceuticals for arthritis treatments produce side effects and aren’t more effective than safer natural alternatives such as glucosamine hydrochloride, per NIH's GAIT study
Glucosamine Benefits Moderate-to-Extreme Knee Arthritis Symptoms
Studies show natural glucosamine benefits knee swelling, stiffness, flexibility, slows cartilage damage, relieves moderate to extreme pain of osteoarthritis
Why Best Fish Oil Supplement Is Safe From PCBs
Choose the best fish oil supplement to avoid PCBs. On Mar. 2, 2010 a California lawsuit alleges that the world’s largest producer of omega-3 fish oil is illegally marketing gelcaps containing PCBs
Herbal Pain Relief Supplements More Popular in U.S. Than Ever
Centuries-old herbal pain relief for arthritis rivals conventional drug treatment without side effect issues. Ten herbs proven to relieve arthritis symptoms
Arthritis Symptoms Safely Managed by Natural Dietary Supplements
Many choose natural supplements for arthritis symptoms to avoid side effects from pharmaceuticals including NSAIDS
Lupus - Can This Autoimmune Disease be Treated Naturally?
Lupus causes, early signs, symptoms, flares, natural treatment supplements. Outlook positive for this chronic inflammatory disease.
Ultra Pure Fish Oil Supplements Guaranteed Safe from PCBs
Not all fish oil supplements for arthritis are equal.Many name brands found tainted with PCBs alleges California lawsuit. How to find the purest omega-3 product
Best Fish Oil Is Safe From All Contaminants
The best fish oil is pharmaceutically processed to remove all contaminants, including mercury, lead and PCBs commonly found in many fish today. Processing and testing methods are of utmost importance
Anti Aging Supplement Supports Joint Health for Arthritis Sufferers
Resveratrol anti aging supplement with unique blend of polyphenols holds answers to life extension & treatment of disease including arthritis joint symptoms, scientists say
Anti Aging Secrets Unlocked in Amazing Cellular Dietary Supplement
Anti aging secrets unlocked in a new cellular supplement tonic containing resveratrol and muscadine grape compounds. It’s health benefits are capturing the attention of people across America
Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis: Causes, Diagnosis, Natural Treatments
Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis affects 294,000. Many parents eagerly pursue plant and herbal alternatives because they’re safe compared to drug side effects.